André Fohlin

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Game developer, comic book nerd and board game enthustiast living in Stockholm, Sweden.
Currently a candy crusher at King 🍭



Developing internal tools for the Candy Crush teams responsible for the live game operations "live-ops".
2014 - PRESENT


Founder, CEO
Did my own thing for a while, working on both games and projects with organisations related to education and mental illness for example MIND and Tjejzonen
2011 - 2014


Web developer
Worked with some really awesome people doing everything from animated flash banners and facebook apps to wordpress sites.
2010 - 2011

Jirafa AB

Lead flash developer
Joined a small team of developers setting out to create a multiplayer learning game for children focusing om mathematics.
2009 - 2010


Flash developer
Worked on a video player plugin for injecting video ads to be shown at different times during the video. Flash and AS3.
2008 - 2009

Game projects

Embers of Laponia

A Sami inspired adventure game prototype made with grants from the Nordic Game Program.

C# Unity3D


Built a blog site with an interactive header using PIXI.js and Phaser.


Jirafa World

Worked on a prototype for an educational multiplayer game based in a mystical world. Built with Flash and SmartFoxServer. Financed by Vinnova foundation.


Lilla Polhem

Worked on a couple of games for a Christofer Polhem exibition shown in the Museum of Technology in Stockholm, where one was about building machines by putting gears and cogs together, and the other one a point & click adventure.


Endemic Warfare

Made an entry with a couple of friends for the Swedish Game Awards game jam -08 (won best runner up). It's a quick action game on a procedural map where you are trying to collect as many treasures as you can before the time runs out.


We <3 Penguins

A small game jam project on the theme "Nature strikes back". Escape from the hunters with your fellow penguins- until you outnumber them.


The A-maze-ing labyrinth

A remake of the classic board game.


Gleerups learning games

Helped to develop 30 small math games for Gleerups to be used in their learning platform for web and iPad.

Flash Cocos2D-js

Drivers High

A local multiplayer racing/death-match game made during my university years a long time ago.

C++ PhysX